This year we celebrate our
75th Anniversary!

The Keweenaw Mountain Lodge was conceived and
constructed during the Great Depression years of the
1930's. The cut were used to construct the main
lodge and guest cabins. These hand hewn log
structures have been carefully preserved for 75 years,
and are a rare and unique step back in time.

This is where the spirit of the past still drifts through
the rafters and fairways. A Lodge built by miners and
craftsmen from timbers from the land at the close of
1934 - a time when America was looking forward beyond
that period of set-backs. What was really built is the
spirit of fun and adventure. The Lodge destroyed depression
desperation by making golf and games set into the pristine
forests of the Keweenaw a reality for so many.

Food. Warmth. Friendships that span lifetimes.

The outspoken character of the Lodge continues today
stronger than ever. People live it and breathe it when they're here.
Our Lodge brings out a boldness and charisma in all of us.

Our Lodge. Our Keweenaw landmark. Our "gem" in the
world of Superior - all set naturally -- WAY NORTH OF ORDINARY!